The Center for High School Programs (CHSP)

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Welcome to the Center for High School Programs!

Thank you for your interest in Bellevue College! We offer programs for students interested in earning college credit while in high school, or in returning and completing high school. You can choose from many options and we can help you develop a plan based on your educational, career and personal goals. We serve students age 16 and up in a supportive and safe place. You are Welcome Here!

BC CHSP Annual Breakfast

Every year BC CHPS hosts an annual breakfast for our high school partners to learn more about all of our services that our department provides to high school students and to at-risk youth. If you are interested in seeing the agenda you can view in PDF format, but note this event is not available for the public.

BC Discovery Day

BC Discovery Day | Understanding Dual Credit

This event session is for high school students and their parents. You must register to attend and include the number of people in your party. The room has a capacity limit of 80 people and this limit will be enforced. 

Dual Credit – Pathways to a Brighter Tomorrow Dual credit programs allow high school students to earn college credit and high school credit concurrently. Dual credit serves to expand academic options for college-bound students and familiarize them early with college curriculum and expectations. The presentation lasts about 45 minutes and please contact us at if you will need accommodations or have questions. 

Campus Reduced Hours or Closure

Nov. 2 — Office Closed 8 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Nov. 10 — HOLIDAY: College Closed

Nov. 23 & 24 — HOLIDAY: No Classes, College Closed

Dec. 20 – 27 — College Closed

Jan. 1 — HOLIDAY: College Closed

Jan. 15 — HOLIDAY: College Closed

Feb. 8 — Campus Community Day: No Classes, Offices Closed

Feb. 19 — HOLIDAY: College Closed

March 8 — Professional Development Day: No Classes, Offices Closed

Explore Our Programs Below

Running Start (RS) is a statewide partnership between colleges and local high schools. High school juniors and seniors take classes at the college tuition-free and earn both high school and college credit at the same time. Go here to learn more: RS Homepage.

CEO serves students between the ages of 16 – 21. CEO works with students at risk of dropping out of high school, or those who do not have enough credits to graduate. Students take classes at the college and can earn credits needed to complete high school or a GED, and college credit at the same time. Go here to learn more: CEO Homepage.

LIP is part of the CEO program, and provides services and support for English language learners who want to complete a high school diploma and earn college credit. Go here to learn more: LIP Homepage.

Here are two options at Bellevue College:

CHS serves high school students in grades 9 – 12. Students earn both high school and college credit at the same time without leaving their high school. Go here to learn more: CHS Homepage.

PNWCC serves high school students in grade 9 – 12. Students earn both high school and college credit while taking classes at their high school. Classes focus on Career and Technical programs. Go here to learn more: PNWCC Homepage.